About the App

What is PayVoo?

PayVoo is a financial tool with online interface. It’s invented and designed to manage multi-currency funds, including Blockchain Values. This functionality is available via bank transfer or other payment methods.

Pay Voo

Why is it worth to use PayVoo?

Simple & quick solution

PayVoo partners and customers can create their own wallet which is easy to use and works fast. The wallet is available online and works with other digital wallets that support cryptocurrencies (160 different currencies FIAT and Crypto).

How it works?

Just install this PayVoo mobile app on your phone to manage all funds and cards. Thanks to synchronization, you can immediately send virtual funds to any other PayVoo user. You also have the option to pay online in many web stores around the world.

What is needed?

To use the application, you need a private and safe account, from which you can control all your payments. In addition, the app allows you to transfer your funds to other bank accounts or Blockchain wallets. You can also receive from us a card which is linked to all funds that are hold on the PayVoo online interface.

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